Vara Varasilp

TMT GW Vara-san

My name is Nakagawa.
I am a member of technology G of TVC.
I take charge of 496W.
I newly became charge of 496W in place of Mr. Tamaki.

Part number: 58156-52020-00
Box Size:550x355x165→550x355x165
Box Weight:5.33kg→6.21kg

Please contact right or wrong of the change me.
Time limit for answering: December 11

Best Regards,   NAKAGAWA

Hello, Vara-san

We want to change the packing spec.
The reason of this change is 'TMC supplier request, and cost reduction or weight reduction(safety improvement)'.
Please confirm the attached file.
Please discuss it. And, please reply to me by Nov 18.

Please contact me if you have any inquiries.
Looking forward for your reply.

Dear Vara-san
Thank you very much for accepting of my request.
We will inform by NPC when there will be a change in the future.
My best regards.
Dear Tsuji-san,

        Please wait for a while , May I re-confirm again for 2 items.

1. 90174-08010-00, NUT, WELD

: This P/N. why you reduce 50% ?..... For TMT standard we accept the maximum weight at 12 kg. So we request 1,000 PCS./box (~10 kg.) is the best volume.


: This P/N. do you add cover paper on top (cover paper in the picture)? if yes, we reject the paper because it'll become waste and also reject for box type changing because TMT flowrack can't absorb the additional high that increase for around 16 cm. (we stack 2 layer)

Dear Vara-san

Thank you very much for your reply.

1,90174-08010-00, NUT, WELD

 I think that the idea of your reply 1 is correct.
 Therefore, we will readjust in the TMC by 1000 pcs/box.
 I will inform you of the adjustment result.


 Paper is not added for rust prevention but it only changes it from the vinyl into paper.
 We think that necessary capacity of flowrack is not changes because the size of the box becomes small.
 Could you agree that flowrack of TMT will change from stack 2 layer to 2 lows?

Thank you in advance.

My best regards.

Dear Vara-san

This is Tsuji from TVC.

Did you read below mail?
I need your reply.
Please reply me as soon as possible.

If you have any doubt ,please ask me.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Tsuji-san,

            as you question : Could you agree that flowrack of TMT will change from stack 2 layer to 2 lows?

We can't accept because main purpose of 2 layer we need to use stacking ability for reduce flow rack no. and Shop area . If you change from 2 layer to to lows it's mean we necessary to expand shop area and area on flow rack. Thank for understanding

Best Regards,
Mr.Vara Varasilp
Dear Vara-san

This is Tsuji from Tobishima Admin. PPLD TMC.

Now PPLD is working on Kaizen activity for packing spec and dunnage of Goguchi parts to reduct packing logistic cost.
This time "CONTROL ASSY, AIR" are the trial objects.
We want to conduct logistic try by using Goguchi parts.
Our study for new packing spec was finished and this packing spec cleared our internal test.
As a detail, please refer attached file.

Could you let me know your answer for this logistic try by 9/Dec.(fri)?
We will set detail schedule, after I will receive your reply.

Thank you in advance for considering my request.

As a following my request, deadline is Dec 9.
How are your study condition?

Please let me know your reply early.

Thanking you.

Dear Tsuji-san,

            Hello Tsuji-san, Sorry to reply late , now we're very busy of Prius model SOP, If your package changing is not effect with productivity please pending it for a while because our first priority is to smooth production and smooth SOP of Prius model.Thank for understanding
            About your new Radio package we can't accept it because it's surely scratch at the surface (Show appearance) by nothing cover. Thank you

Best Regards,
Mr.Vara Varasilp